What's a pathfinder?

Follow these pathfinders to find the best resources to use for finding information about a topic you've picked for your research project.

English and Languages

Journalism Research Project- Ms. Karman and Ms. Barber
The Beat Generation
World War I- Ms. Shellito's Class
Humor, Satire, and Irony- Ms. Holland's Class
Flight- Mr. Keaney's and Ms. Goldin's Class
Researching the Ancient World- Mr. DeHoratius
Classical Literature Research Project- Mr. DeHoratius
Sporting Lives- Mr. DeHoratius

Social Studies

20th Century World First Semester Paper
Lessons from the War Zone
Wayland Veterans Memorial Freedom Prize Contest- Sophomore class
Ms. Lehmann's Class Project
Reform Movements Past and Present
Meet the Reformers
Tour America
The Roaring 20's: Division and Unity
Africa Project!
America at Play- Leisure Time in American Society- Mr. Chase's class
United States University project
The 13 Colonies
The Wild West
Cultures- Exploring the 4 Corners of the Globe
WHS History Project
Psychology: The research-based position paper


Genetic Diseases
Infectious Disease- CP Biology Project- "Children's Books to Win the War on Infectious Disease"
Embryonic Stem Cell Debate
Environmental Science
Ecosystems Project
Environmental Impact Project
Physics Project
The Home Experiment- CPS project
Independent Project- Honors Chemistry
Vertebrate Portfolio- Honors Bio


How algebra is used in daily life- math challenges, videos, etc.

Fine Arts

Art- in progress
Music- in progress