Deleting copies from Destiny

Follow these steps after you scan a batch of books. If you don't do this step, the books will still be in the catalog
  • Exit the function mode on the scanner
  • Connect the scanner to a workstation (Erin's laptop- it must have ActiveSync on it)
  • Double-click on the ActiveSync logo (below on the right-hand side of the task bar. It is green with two arrows)
  • Click on explore
  • Find your Follett file in IPSM\Follett Remote
  • Copy and paste the file (text file) onto the desktop
  • In Destiny--click catalog
  • Click update copies
  • Click the tab for Batch Delete
  • Browse- and look for your text file (which you saved on the desktop)
  • Click on track as weeded
  • Click update
  • Now, all of the barcodes that you scanned have been deleted from the Destiny catalog
  • The books can now be placed in boxes for removal from the library