A pathfinder is just the beginning of building your bibliography.
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Topics to explore when investigating Flight:

  • American Indian Movement (AIM)
  • General Custer/Custer's Last Stand
  • Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
  • American Indians and alcoholism/substance abuse
  • Ghost Dance
  • Indian Child Welfare Act/Foster Care System

Reference materials

This is the place to start any research project. Reference books such as encyclopedias and almanacs, offer short, authoritative information on every topic. These books cannot leave the library.

  • REF 973 ENC Encyclopedia of American history. Volume IX, Postwar United States, 1946 to 1968. Winkler, A. 2003
  • REF 973.9 G American chronicle : six decades in American life, 1920-1980. Gordon, L. 1987
  • REF 810.9003 D American Novelists since World WAR II : fourth series 810.9003 Giles, J. 1995


books.jpgNon-fiction books about these topics are found in various sections of the library. To start look in the 900's (history). Be sure to do a keyword search using the online catalog (Destiny) to find materials under other subject areas.

  • 050 Lowery, Christine T.,. Health & Social Work. s.l. : Health & Social Work, 1998. "This narrative report is purposefully organized to reflect the movement between 'spirit and science,' to reach beyond an intellectual understanding of what constitutes 'healing the spirit' for many American Indians addicted to alcohol and drugs. Four broad concepts are presented: (1) balance and wellness, (2) the colonization experience and addiction as a crisis of the spirit, (3) issues of abuse, including sexual abuse, and (4) a time of healing illustrated by a Lakota commemoration event." (HEALTH & SOCIAL WORK).
  • 970.3 A Adams, Alexander B. Sitting Bull : an epic of the plains. New York : Putnam Sons, [1973].
  • 973.8 973.8V Viola, herman J. Little Big Horn Remembered : the untold story of Custer's last stand. 1st. ed. New York : Times Books, 1999. Dr. Herman J. Viola, a leader in the preservation of Native American culture and history, has collected dozens of never-before-published accounts by Indians who particiapated in the battle at Little Bighorn. These eyeewitness accounts provide an oral history of the day's events.
  • 973.8 A Henry, Will, 1912-. Custer's last stand : the story of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. [1st ed.]. Philadelphia : Chilton Books, [1966].
  • 973.82 L Lampman, Evelyn Sibley. Once upon the Little Big Horn. New York : Crowell, [1971]. Describes the events and far-reaching effects of the four-day battle between the Seventh Cavalry led by Custer and the Indian forces led by Sitting Bull.
  • B CRA Freedman, Russell. The life and death of Crazy Horse. 1st ed. New York : Holiday House, c1996. A biography of the Oglala leader who relentlessly resisted the white man's attempt to take over Indian lands.
  • B CRA McMurtry, Larry. Crazy Horse. New York : Viking/Lipper Book, 1999. Examines the life and death of Crazy Horse, the Sioux warrior who, having been betrayed by the U.S. government, became the reluctant leader of his people at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
  • B CRAZY HORSE Sandoz, Mari, 1907-. Crazy Horse : the strange man of the Oglalas ; a biography. New York : Hastings House, [1955, c1942].
  • B CUSTER Custer, Elizabeth (Bacon), 1842-1933. Boots and saddles ; or, Life in Dakota with General Custer. Williamstown, MA : Corner House Publishers, 1967.

WHS databases

Log into any of these databases by clicking on the link. If you are away from home, you will have to use a remote username and/or password. These can be found on the Library Media Center brochure. Make sure to take one home before leaving school!!
  • Student Edition- Infotrac resource for finding reference, news, multimedia and primary source resources on all subjects.
  • U.S. History in Context provides access to over 4,000 historical (primary) documents, articles from more than 30 reference titles, and over 110 full-text journal covering themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present.

Internet sites

BPL: electronic resources

You will need a BPL library card in order to access these databases. Ask Ms. Dalbec if you need help applying for an e-card.
  • JSTOR: More than 600 core scholarly journals focusing on literature and the humanities. Collection spans the last 150 years but does not includes most current 3 to 5 years.
  • Student Resource Center: Designed for grades 6-12, this database offers easy keyword searching across journals, images, books, and reference materials.