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JustinMN, creativecommons, 2010.
Classical literature research topics include but are not limited to:
  • animals, mythic creatures
  • architecture and/or infrastructure
  • afterlife or role of women
  • religious cults
  • Iran
  • sculpture / body / clothing
  • democracy or deism
  • language & linguistics or horses
  • Egyptian afterlife
  • Old Testament or Pompeii or Buddhism
  • influence of Christianity on Roman art
  • Pompeii or the fall of Rome

E-Reference books


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Reference materials

These books are located in the reference section.
  • R 703 FAC Facts of File: Encyclopedia of Art. Vol. 1-5. New York : Facts on File, c2005. covers the history of art from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, Egypt and the Ancient Near East, Archaic Greek, and Classical Greek art, and Hellenistic and Etruscan art.
  • R 930 KNI Ancient civilizations. Detroit : UXL, c2000. Essays that examine the ancient civilizations and cultures of Greece, and Rome; with photographs, maps, and sidebars on topics of interest.
  • R 938 A Handbook to life in ancient Greece. Updated ed. New York : Facts On File, 2005.
  • R 937 A Handbook to life in ancient Rome. Updated ed. New York : Facts On File, 2005.


Non-fiction books can be checked out from the library. Do a keyword search using the online catalog (Destiny) to find more books.
  • 700 M Mayerson, Philip. Classical mythology in literature, art, and music.
  • 700 BRO Brown, Frank. Cosa III: the buildings of the forum: colony, municipium, and village.
  • 709 J Groenewegen-Frankfort, H. A. Art of the ancient world : painting, pottery, sculpture, architecture, from Crete, Mesopotamia, Crete, Grece, and Rome.
  • 937 B Burgan, Michael. Empire of ancient Rome. c2005.
  • 937 M McGeough, Kevin. The Romans : new perspectives. c2004.
  • 938 A Adkins, Lesley. Handbook to life in Ancient Greece. c1997.
  • 938 W Williams, Jean Kinney. Empire of ancient Greece. c2005.

WHS databases

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  • History Resource Center: World Try searching for "classical and Greece" or "ancient Rome" and a keyword for your topic.
  • Gale Student Resource Center Try searching for "Greek civilization" or "Roman Civilization" find full-text articles; multimedia, primary sources, newspapers, and other popular resources about your subject.

Internet sites

Encyclopedia of Mythology
Boston Museum of Fine Art- their collection of ancient art work.
Architecture in Ancient Greece- a website run by the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Ancient and Classical Architecture
Greek Hellenic Art
Latin Culture- a site sponsored by Vassar College.