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"What My Eyes Have Seen You Wouldn't Believe"

20th Century World Studies Research Project

  • Research actual historical events, people, etc.
  • Create a typical person that experienced the event, actions of a leader, working conditions, etc.
  • Your paper will be written from the first-person perspective. You will weave the creative story of your character with actual historical facts and context in which they lived.

Reference Sources

This is the place to start any research project. Reference books such as encyclopedias will offer short, authoritative information on your topic.

Search our reference e-book collection for your topic by just typing your keyword in the box on this button.

  • R 940.53 ENC Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. Gutman, Israel. Volumes 1-2.
  • R 943.086 HAY A History of the Third Reich. Hay, Jeff. Volumes 1-2.
  • R 943.086 G The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. Zentner, Christian. Volumes 1-2.
  • R 940.53 WOR World War II: a student encyclopedia. Tucker, Spencer. Volumes 1-5.
  • R 903 ENC Encyclopedia of World History. O'Brien, Patrick.
  • R 909 H World Atlas of the Past. Haywood, John. Volume 4.
  • Try a keyword search using the terms "History in Dispute European" in Destiny.
  • World Book Encyclopediaif you are using at home you will need the Student Passwords:. Log in to your student gmail to view.

Non-Fiction Books

We have many non-fiction books about this topic are found in various sections of the library. Be sure to do a keyword search using the online catalog (Destiny) to find more materials.
  • 301.412 K Mothers in the Fatherland: women, the family, and Nazi Politics. Koonz, Claudia.
  • 947.084 K A history of the Soviet Union: from the beginning to the end. Kenez, Peter.
  • 345.73 F Mussolini and Italian Fascism. Margaret Mulvihill.

WHS databases

Log into any of these databases by clicking on the link. If you are away from home, you will need the Student Passwords:. Log in to your student gmail to view.
  • World History in Context full-text articles from leading scholarly publications, an array of primary sources, images, maps and charts which provide expansive geographic and chronologic research materials for the study of world history.
  • Infotrac: Student Edition this periodical database is designed for high-school students with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers, podcasts.

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